Monday, August 4, 2008

My Quest to Geekdom

Welcome to "My Life on the Geek List".

I'm not really a geek, but I aspire to be one. At this point I'm a little behind, since I didn't go to school to be a programmer, and I don't care for anime, so I am pretty far from being a geek. Here I will document my quest to become a geek and learn about all things geek. Well, most things geek. Okay, some things.

Because although I have an unhealthy obsession with blogging, gadgets, l337speak, teh internets,, and Twitter, I don't yet have a passion for gaming, quantum physics, linux, flame wars, or the star wars trilogy. But it won't take me long to get there.

A few moderately geeky things about me:
  • had an almost daily blog for three years
  • have a Palm Centro phone which I am glued to
  • update my Twitter almost hourly
  • spend most of my free time on the internet
  • downloaded Firefox Web Developer extension to play with code like a total n00b
  • I take advantage of all occasions where I can use geeky slang: "Epic Fail" "FTW" and "omgwtfbbq"
  • I have a subscription to Wired magazine
  • I have a crush on Kevin Rose
  • I like turtles
What do you think, do I have far to go?

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