Monday, August 25, 2008 Answers on the Go

How thick is a lightning bolt? Can ten year old cats have kittens? Do you need to have rubber in copper tubing to make colorful fire? What is "Crysis"? Where is the nearest tattoo shop? What is Prader-Willi syndrome? How is a dental crown applied?

These were all questions I was in need of answers to when I wasn't in front of a computer. And had the answers for me.

Via text message!

If you have a burning question you can send it to 242-242 (CHACHA) and Chacha will send you the answer within a few minutes. It's a pretty intriguing concept: ask a human the answer instead of sorting through Google Mobile results on your phone.

Some other Chacha features:

"Send me a joke" For those times you want to have a laugh
"FB A" Send FB for feedback followed by the letter grade you think your previous answer deserves
"W Milwaukee" Will tell you the weather for the city following the W

Chacha guides make 10 cents per answer, or 20 cents per answer if they meet certain criteria. A pretty tedious way to make a living but as a side gig it's perfect. A decent guide can make $3 to $9 per hour, putting in as little or as much time as they desire.

With the exception of the time I got "Yeah sure" as an answer, the Chacha guides haven't steered me wrong. (In that instance, my next question was "Are the answers at Chacha researched or are you just guessing?" to which the answer was "Previous guide was reported due to not researching", along with the actual answer to my original question.)

PS. The answer to my question in the screenshot was "Victor Hugo called Notre Dame a symphony in stone."

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